Would you like to share a story about your college experience with your graduating Honors class?  The Honors Program is looking for several Honors graduating seniors to speak briefly (approximately three minutes each) at the Honors graduation ceremony on Thursday, April 27 at 11:00 AM in the Crisler Center.  Might that be you?

We’re not looking for the standard graduation talk that summarizes the experience of the last four years and exhorts everyone to go out and do great things.  Rather, we’d like you to address some specific aspect of your undergraduate education that was significant and preferably has an Honors connection. In recent years students have talked about the friendship and support that came from the cohort of Honors concentrators in a departmental Honors concentration program, about a particularly interesting study abroad experience, about an inspiring instructor or thesis advisor, about their thesis research, about teaching a section of Honors 135, about participation in Honors Summer Fellows, and so on. (There is no reason you should avoid those topics if they are relevant to you: we’re looking for good stories, whatever their topic.)

If you are interested in speaking, please email Dr. Wessel Walker (dlww@umich.edu) by April 6 with the topic you would like to address and a summary of what you plan to say.  You do not need to prepare the talk unless you are selected.  We will try to see that a variety of topics and interests are represented.