The Honors Program is committed to building a meaningful community while providing innovative and enriching learning opportunities. For the 4th year, incoming students are invited to  participate in our online summer initiative called  #hononline. We have selected 6 topics, and a variety of brief assignments, that we consider particularly relevant. It is a unique way to...

  • Get to know your Honors peers, 
  • Prepare for in-person and online learning at the college level,
  • Learn about resources and opportunities to help you make the most of your Michigan experience, and
  • Think deeply about the challenges that face everyone who engages with digital content. 

During this unprecedented time of social distancing, it is crucial that we develop meaningful connections online and carefully reflect on how the digital world impacts us all. Long term, online communities and resources will continue to play a significant role in your personal, academic and professional lives. The invitation to this online event should be in your UMich inbox. Please email with questions.