will answer questions that incoming students and families have regarding the Honors experience in three "advantage" areas: Academics, Engagement, and Community.

Visitors will also find detailed information regarding the application process for current high school students, transfer students, and current U-M students. High school students will navigate through six fields, including admitted student profiles, deadlines & requirements, application essays, and more.

Most admitted prospective students will visit during Campus Days, which begin in February. These are offered through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions (OUA). If you are unable to attend one of the comprehensive Campus Day sessions, OUA offers other visit options. We also have Honors Ambassadors who may meet with you or we will make arrangements for an office appointment. Please fill out this form to arrange a visit. 

People frequently ask if there is an official "invitation" to Honors: there is not. All admitted LSA prospective students are eligible and encouraged to apply, if they believe Honors would be a good educational fit for their goals and aspirations. Some students will receive a "you may be interested" letter, but this does not indicate preferential status. If you're interested, you should apply!