F20 Honors Events: Engagement Opps Across the Program

9.28   Premed Roundup
10.2    Premed Roundup
10.7    Honors Seminar Series: Julie Boland
10.12   Honors Seminar Series: Sara Fitzgerald
10.12   Honors Reads: Why They Marched
10.14   Honors Grand Rounds: Mohammed Moursi MD
10.28  Honors Seminar Series: Dr John Burkhardt
11.6     Honors Seminar Series: Dr Reshma Jagsi
11.6     Parents & Family Weekend Virtual Tour
11.10    Honors Grand Rounds: Xiao Wang MD
11.13    Honors Seminar Series: Ethan Kross
11.17    DeRoy Open Lecture: Abdul El-Sayed
12.1     Honors Reads: The Overstory
12.2    Honors Grand Rounds: Leana May DO MPH

Use the Events Calendar below for details and registration.
[P: Madeline House "M Macarons" Honors S20 Bakeoff]