HONORS 135: Ideas in Honors is a one-credit seminar course intended to introduce first-year Honors students to topic-driven scholarship at the advanced undergraduate level.    We are recruiting Honors students who will be graduating in the 2016-17 academic year and completing an Honors major to serve as Undergraduate Instructors for these courses.   Senior Honors students create their own topics and develop their courses with the support of Honors Program advisors, and with the supervision of Honors Director, who is the instructor of record for all Honors 135 sections.  Please see past LSA Course Guide descriptions for examples of Honors 135 sections.  This position carries a stipend award of $1000.  Applications are due by Monday, Feb. 29.   See the submission link below.  Please direct any questions about this opportunity to Stephanie Chervin, schervin@umich.edu.

Honors 135 Instructor Application