Thinking About Registering for Next Semester? Maybe you’re already wondering how and when you’ll register for next semester.  The schedule below lays it all out.

Never miss these dates.  Enable your LSA Academic Alerts on the Michigan App (under Push Notifications) to receive expertly timed reminders.

OCTOBER 30:  The Course Guide for Winter Term goes live.  You can also see Spring and Summer offerings.

NOVEMBER 16:  Backpacking begins.  Now you can put interesting courses in your Wolverine Access backpack and, while you’re at it, see your enrollment date.

WHAT IS AN “ENROLLMENT DATE”?  It’s the earliest time you can register, which you can do on your own, from any computer.  Often called a “registration appointment,” it’s not an actual appointment with your advisor.

NOVEMBER 30:  Registration begins, starting with seniors.  Enrollment dates are based on total number of credits, so your appointment will likely be in mid-December.  Some classes might fill up, but there will be hundreds of terrific choices.  Just plan ahead and construct at least a couple of alternative schedules.

Now is a great time to talk with an advisor about your plans.  Just call 734.764.6274.  We also encourage you to come see us closer to your December enrollment date.  

You'll find information about Honors Core Courses here. Finally, don’t forget to investigate majors that might interest you, see how you’re doing with various LSA requirements, and learn more about making the most of your First Year in LSA.