To all LSA undergraduates --

Are you passionate about improving U-M’s campus climate? Are you eager to transform your passion into action?  The LSA Undergraduate Education (UG Ed) Climate Committee is seeking current LSA undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds who can speak about student experiences in various communities on our campus, offer ideas and feedback on our ongoing collective work to improve the climate and student experience for all. We are eager to involve you, as an LSA undergraduate student, in shaping and contributing to our work!


Mission of Committee

The LSA Undergraduate Education Climate Committee seeks to improve the campus climate so that all students at Michigan feel welcome, supported, and respected regardless of their background.  We focus on campus climate, resources, and outreach efforts, especially with regard to campus diversity and the experience of students from underrepresented groups. Our goal of improving campus climate involves expanding the degree to which all students - but especially those who are underrepresented - feel welcomed and valued at U-M. Through our work educating students, faculty and staff about issues of diversity, climate and inclusiveness, by continuing our own education and skill development, and by speaking out against acts of bias, racism, and cultural appropriation, we are working to enhance the campus experience of LSA students and their peers, particularly students from underrepresented and underserved populations.

The UG Ed Climate Committee is composed of directors, faculty, and staff from various LSA learning communities, instructional, and academic support programs. By serving on the committee, you will have a direct voice in campus affairs and gain a better understanding of the administration of the College and University.  

Current subcommittees focus on the following:

Student Leadership and Empowerment: This group is working on issues related to structural barriers, isolation and resources that impact the student experience at UM.

Communications and Technology: This group’s work is focused on how communication about issues of diversity and inclusion are communicated, and how those messages might be perceived by the campus community. This subcommittee is also looking to support other subcommittees in their work through the use of technology (databases, websites, etc.) and strategic communications and to coordinate with other College communications on diversity, inclusiveness and climate.

Best Practices: There are a lot of resources available to help inform how UM might become a more inclusive campus, and this group is looking at how to incorporate those into work being done. This group also hosts large-scale events that helps to educate, inform and build skills students, staff and faculty.

Inclusive Pedagogies: Inclusion within the classroom is an issue at UM, and this subcommittee is focused on creating curriculum and classroom content that addresses that. Offering resources and support to faculty is a large part of this group’s effort.

Time Commitment

Student membership on the committee involves attendance at monthly plenary and sub-committee meetings (approximately 2 hours/month). Additional project work outside of those meetings is expected, averaging 4-6 hours per month. The commitment is intended to be for the 2015-2016 academic year, with the potential to renew that commitment for future years. We encourage students who may not be able to serve the full academic year because of graduation, study abroad, a semester in Washington or Detroit, or for other reasons to apply for a one-semester appointment on the committee.

Application Process

If you are interested in applying to serve on this committee, please fill out the application here by Friday, May 1st by 11:59pm. The committee will review applications and notify students of decisions no later than May 20. Thanks for reading about our board and for your interest!