How to Become a UTA (Undergraduate Teaching Assistant) for Biology 171

The instructors for Biology 171 (Introduction to Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) will be
selecting Undergraduate Teaching Assistants for the winter of 2014.

The requirements for being a UTA in the Program in Biology are set by the faculty involved with the courses. For Biology 171, the Dept. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology faculty set the requirements. As such, requirements may change, however, this is the most updated version as of September 2013:

1.   The first time a UTA works in Biology 171, they must take EEB 302 “Teaching Experience for
Undergraduates”. This works like research credit; UTAs sign up under their supervising faculty
2.   The second time a UTA works in Biology 171, they have the option of accepting a small stipend, in lieu of credit.
3.   It is preferred that first time UTAs in Biology 171 have already taken or be taking EEB 494
“Teaching College Science” with Dr. Jo Kurdziel. This course is only offered in the Winter. You may take this course concurrent with any teaching experience (including being a study group leader). Talk to Dr. Kurdziel if you are interested (josephak).

Applications from students who have taken this course will be preferred, but instructors will
consider other applications and other training options, depending on the applicant pool.

Teaching Biology 171 is rewarding; our UTAs tend to repeat the experience. Teaching is a lot of
work, though. We suggest you only undertake this if you have enough time in your schedule and can be flexible with time, so that you can effectively deal with grading and student needs. If you
would like to know more about the responsibilities, please contact Dr. Laura Eidietis (leidieti);
she is the course coordinator.

What do we look for in applicants for UTA positions in Biology 171?
1.   Overall academic excellence, particularly in the sciences
2.   Excellence in ecology, evolution and genetics: There are a variety of ways to show this. If
you accepted BIO 195 credit, you may wish to apply after taking (or while taking) upper-level
courses in ecology, evolution, and genetics. If you did well in BIO 171, 172, & 173, feel free to
apply prior to taking upper-level courses. We prefer applicants with the upper-level ecology,
evolution, and genetics backgrounds, but we never know who will be in the applicant pool.
3.   Evidence of responsibility: This could be in a variety of functions, including activities such
as being a study group leader, childcare, UROP, etc.
4.   Willingness to engage in, fulfill, and strive for excellence in all UTA responsibilities
If you are interested in being a UTA, please apply through the Program in Biology site.
Thank you for your interest in being a UTA in Biology 171!