Please join us for two extraordinary performances of the
Theater of War

Today, Friday, 3/23: 7-9pm, Kahn Auditorium (aka “The Pringle”)
Tomorrow, Saturday 3/24, 7-9pm, Michigan Theater

please find directions here:
more information on the Theater of War:

“Theater of War” is presented by “Outside the Wire,” a New York City based social impact compnay. The performances are  hosted by the University of Michigan and the conference on 'Our Ancient Wars.’ It presents readings of Sophocles' Ajax and Philoctetes to military and civilian communities across the United States, Europe and Japan.  They say: “These ancient plays timelessly and universally depict the psychological and  physical wounds inflicted upon warriors by war. By presenting these plays to  military and civilian audiences, the hope is to de-stigmatize psychological  injury, increase awareness of post-deployment  psychological health issues, disseminate information regarding available resources,  and foster greater family, community, and troop resilience.”
    Each performance is  approximately 2 hours long. The readings from the plays are followed by  discussion with panelists from the local civilian and military communities, and  a facilitated town-hall style audience discussion.