I’m very pleased to announce the opening of the third annual Honors Summer Fellows program. This program is designed to support students in the academic work necessary for their senior theses, to expose them to a wide range of scholarship conducted within LSA, and to free the time needed for thesis work by providing financial support.

This summer we will assemble a cohort of about 25 Honors Summer Fellows. Each student will spend ten weeks during the summer of 2012 mostly working on their theses. Once a week all the Fellows gather with me in an interdisciplinary cohort to discuss the evolving nature of research, report on their research progress, meet with faculty from across the college, and get practical training in scholarly writing, academic presentation, and public scholarship. Fellows will play a major role in deciding how we’ll spend our time together, and we especially seek students eager to participate in such an interdisciplinary discussion.

The HSF program has had two highly successful summer so far. Fellows used their research time to develop thesis projects, execute detailed experiments, travel to libraries and archives in Florida and Great Britain, visit co-housing communities across the country, write poetry, and read their way through the classics library. Our Fellows meetings were especially important, as they gave us all a chance to reflect on the nature and conduct of research of every kind, and to think about building a life around research and discovery. We met with many fascinating faculty members, hearing from them about how they manage to write books, come up with research ideas, obtain research funding, and deal with high powered academic competition. You can read about last year’s cohort here.

If you are working on an Honors thesis, or ready to start one, I encourage you to apply. We know that many of you can’t spend the summer on your thesis without financial support. Thanks to very generous donors, we will be able to provide summer grants of $4000 per person to as many as 25 students. We also welcome applications from students already financially supported in research for the summer (as many in the sciences may be), and look forward to having some of you as non-stipendary of the Fellows program.

I am delighted that this program is flourishing, and hopeful that it will become a permanent part of the Honors Program. As a participant in one of the first cohorts of Fellows, you will be part of launching something big.

Details and application forms are available on the Honors web site at this link:

           Honors Summer Fellowship Description



Tim McKay