Honors 493: Singing Out of Our Minds
**Deadline extended to Monday, December 19th**
Instructor: Dick Siegel                                                
Meets:  Tuesdays, 7-9 pm
This course is a songwriting workshop designed to foster student songwriting through the creation and performance of new work, the exploration of the songwriting art itself, and exposure to the masters of the American singer/songwriting tradition.  ** In order to get into this course, you must submit an application to the Honors Office, 1330 Mason Hall.  Forms available at the front desk or online here: LINK.
Honors 251.002: The Politics of Everyday Life
Instructor:  Don Herzog—the author of this year’s freshman book, Cunning
Meets:  Tuesdays, 3-5
We're used to thinking that whatever politics is, it's about the government.  But we do sometimes talk about politics in other contexts.  What sense can we make of the politics of everyday life?  Find out from Don Herzog, the author of this year’s freshman

Philosophy 297.001: Honors Introduction to Philosophy

Instructor:  Maria Aarnio
Meets:  Tuesdays, 3-5
This seminar will focus on topics in contemporary epistemology and metaphysics. Within epistemology we will look at different kinds of skeptical hypotheses (like the hypothesis that one is in the Matrix; that one's bike has disappeared within the last minute due to a bizarre quantum event, etc.), and the skeptical consequences of claiming that we cannot know such hypotheses not to obtain. We will explore ways of responding to these arguments. Related to this, we will look at various views on which the truth of knowledge-claims is somehow sensitive to the interests of the person attributing knowledge, or the person knowledge is being attributed to.