Send in a postcard or digital photo!  We’ll enter you in our annual Honors Postcard Contest. If you are a budding photographer, you can send us your best digital picture from your travels to as well.   Photos will be included in the postcard contest, so send us your best shot!  Postcards to:  Honors Program, 1330 mason, 419 S. State St. Ann Arbor, MI 48109.



Summer 2011

View Travel locat­ions of UM Honors Students- 2011 in a larger map

How to add your location:

  1. Go to the Honors Google map by clicking on the following link:
    1. Travel Location of UM Honors Students
  2. Sign in with the following login information:
    1.  ID: michiganhonors  & Password: universityofmichigan
  3. click on "edit" (located near the left upper hand corner of the map)
  4. Click on Placemark (looks like an upside down water droplet located on top left corer on the map) and place it in the location that you desire.
  5. Add a short description including your name and the reason for your visit
  6. Finally, make sure to click on  "save"