Honors Summer Fellows will be brought together in an interdisciplinary cohort for ten weeks in Ann Arbor during the summer of 2011, from May 23 to July 30. Fellows will spend most of their summer engaged in regular, sustained pursuit of their thesis project. In addition, all Fellows will meet for a two hour seminar each week with Honors Director Tim McKay. These sessions will be dedicated to regular reports from Fellows on their progress, discussions on the evolving nature of scholarly work, presentations from several UM faculty panels about their research and academic lives, practical training in scholarly writing, academic presentations, and public outreach, and tours of labs and research collections. Fellows will be expected to play an active role in designing these sessions, and to participate electronically even if off campus for short periods.

The Fellows program provides a unique opportunity for a group of juniors and seniors to gather from across all three divisions of LSA; the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Participants learn from one another about the nature of research across this whole range, comparing the modes of work, nature of valid evidence, styles of presentation, and special challenges. Being a Summer Fellow will provide you with space to participate in substantive interdisciplinary interactions at a time in your studies when many influences are pushing you to specialize.

In addition to the intellectual and moral support provided by joining a cohort of Fellows, financial support is available to enable students to remain in Ann Arbor and dedicate substantial time to their thesis projects.

Some Fellows will already be fully supported by departmental or lab research grants. Such students are encouraged to apply to join the program as non-stipendiary Fellows so that they may take advantage of the many benefits provided by participation in this interdisciplinary group. It is expected that most students seeking financial support will receive a summer grant of $2500 for the ten week program. This can be supplemented by half-time support from other sources. In cases of special need, enhanced summer grants of $4000 may be provided.

Fellows may also apply for additional support for research expenses, to attend academic conferences, travel to archives or research sites, or pay publication costs.