The Ruth Family Scholarship recognizes senior History students who have demonstrated significant effort and scholarship. We are especially interested in recognizing students who have applied what they have learned in their History courses to their activities outside the classroom, including public engagement, community work, and organizing work. We are also interested in recognizing students who through their History courses have learned more about themselves, about the world, about risk taking, and about their professional plans after college. A GPA in the History major of 3.0 or higher is recommended.


Adelaide Dempsey                   

Anthony DiBello                         

Sean Gillike                                 

Samuel Mathisson                     

Mariah Missentzis 

Celine Nasser 

Anna Schaftel   

Emily Simone    

Noah Streng    

Callie Teitelbaum      


Kraus Fund Award Recipients: top, left to right: Jill Stecker, Paris Shusterfallou, Claire Cohen; bottom, left to right: Leah Gowatch, Ziqian Zheng, Sarah Champness; not shown: Hannah-Ruth Long.

The Kraus Fund Scholarship, through the generosity of Harry P. and Lillian Kraus, recognizes excellence and accomplishment on the part of undergraduate History majors.


Sarah Champness

Claire Cohen

Leah Gowatch

Hannah-Ruth Long

Paris Shusterfallou 

Jill Stecker                            

Ziqian Zheng