On the evening of Friday, April 28, nine students completing their doctoral studies gathered with friends, family, and faculty to celebrate in the Koessler Room of the Michigan League. 

Department Chair Angela Dillard welcomed guests, and Director of Graduate Studies Joshua Cole served as emcee for the event. After giving opening remarks he awarded ToniAnn D. Treviño the 2023 Arthur Fondiler Dissertation Prize, and Hayley R. Bowman the 2023 Arthur Fondiler Dissertation Prize Honorable Mention.

Individual PhD graduates were then recognized by members of their dissertation committee, and had the opportunity to speak about their own development as scholars. Students recognized at the ceremony were: 

ToniAnn D. Treviño (History)

Mexican Americans and the War on Narcotics: Racialized Policing Practicesand Community Responses in the Postwar Texas Borderlands

Committee: Matthew Lassiter (co-chair), Anthony P. Mora (co-chair), Alexandra Minna Stern, Heather Ann Thompson, Maria E. Cotera (cognate)

Hayley Bowman (History)

Ineffable Knowing: Sor Maria de Jesus de Agreda in the Early Modern Spanish World

Committee: Kenneth Mills (chair), Hussein Fancy, Helmut Puff, Nancy van Duesen, Megan Holmes (cognate) 

Essie Ladkau (History)

Life, Death, and the Construction of Space on the Kamo River

Committee: Hitomi Tonomura (chair), Christian de Pee, Perrin Selcer, Erin Brightwell (cognate)

Emily Lamond (Ancient History)

Disability and the Ancient Roman Familia

Committee: Celia Schultz (chair), Aileen Das, Rafael Neis, Petra Kuppers (cognate)

Amit Sadan (History)

Masters of the Garden: Environmental History and Nation-Building in Pahlavi Iran

Committee: Juan Cole (chair), Kathryn Babayan, Perrin Selcer, Sam White, Cameron Cross (cognate)

Daniela Sheinin (History)

Staging Neighborhood: Making Queens in the Construction of New York’s Last Great Park

Committee: James W. Cook (co-chair), Matthew Lassiter (co-chair), Stephen A. Berrey, Joshua Miller (cognate)

Meg Showalter (History)

“Teach Your Children Well”: Imagining Interracial Harmony in a Post-Civil Rights Act United States, 1964-1978

Committee: Stephen A. Berrey (chair), Matthew J. Countryman, Matthew Lassiter, Maria E. Cotera (cognate) 

Taylor A. Sims (History)

Everyday Women and the English Reformation: Gender and Religion in the Diocese of Salisbury, 1450-1600

Committee: Katherine French (chair), Susan Juster, Helmut Puff, Catherine Sanok (cognate)

Tara Weinberg (History)

Property of the People? Imaginaries of Property Ownership in South Africa, 1900-1994

Committee: Derek R. Peterson (co-chair), Adam Ashforth (co-chair), Deborah James, Rebecca J. Scott, Jatin Dua (cognate)

View the 2023 PhD Commencement Program (PDF). Selected photos are available below.