On the evening of Friday, April 29, six students completing their doctoral studies gathered with friends, family, and faculty to celebrate in the Koessler Room of the Michigan League. 

Department Chair Angela Dillard welcomed guests, and Director of Graduate Studies Farina Mir served as emcee for the event, offering remarks and Matthew Villeneuve as the recipient of the 2022 Arthur Fondiler Dissertation Prize. 

Individual PhD graduates were then recognized by members of their dissertation committee, and had the opportunity to speak about their own development as scholars. Students recognized at the ceremony were: 

John Richard Finkelberg (History)
Becoming a Man in the Age of Fashion: Gender and Menswear in Nineteenth-Century France, 1830-1870
Committee: Dena Goodman (co-chair), Joshua H. Cole (co-chair), Mary C. Kelley, Judith Lyon-Caen, Susan Siegfried (cognate)

Xiaoyue Li (History)
Taming the Iron Horse: Austerity, Subversion, and Revolution in Colonial Egyptian Railways, 1876-1924
Committee: Juan Cole (chair), Hakem Al-Rustom, Perrin Selcer, Alexander Knysh (cognate)

Fusheng Luo (History)
Land, Law, and Economic Development in Semi-Colonial Guangzhou and Shanghai, 1842-1937
Committee: Pär Cassel (chair), Mrinalini Sinha, Hitomi Tonomura, Joshua Hausman (cognate)

Antonio Ramirez (History)
Chicagolandia: Race and Labor in Latinx Suburbia
Committee: Matthew Lassiter (co-chair), Anthony P. Mora (co-chair), Maria Cotera, Alfred A. Young Jr. (cognate)

ToniAnn D. Treviño (History)
Mexican Americans and the War on Narcotics: Racialized Policing Practices and Community Responses in the Postwar Texas Borderlands
Committee: Matthew Lassiter (co-chair), Anthony P. Mora (co-chair), Alexandra Minna Stern, Heather Ann Thompson, Maria Cotera (cognate)

Matthew Villeneuve (History)
Instrumental Indians: John Dewey and the Problem of the Frontier for Democracy in Indigenous Education, 1884-1959
Committee: Gregory E. Dowd (co-chair), Phillip J. Deloria (co-chair), Henry M. Cowles, Elizabeth S. Anderson (cognate) 

View the 2022 PhD Commencement Program (PDF). Selected photos are available below.