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2020 Undergraduate Commencement








History Undergraduate Commencement 2020: A Virtual Celebration

We invite you to join the virtual commencement celebration of this year’s graduating History majors, the class of 2020. While this substitute may lack the pomp and circumstance of the in-person celebration—which was scheduled to take place May 1, 2020, in the Modern Languages Building—we hope this captures some of the spirit that makes the occasion so memorable. Link here to visit U-M History's virtual Honors Symposium webpage.

Welcome and Opening Remarks

James W. Cook

History Department Chair
Professor of History and American Studies

Keynote Address: Graduating in the Time of Covid: Lessons from the Black Death

Katherine French

J. Frederick Hoffman Professor of History

Katherine French received her PhD in 1993 from the University of Minnesota. She taught at State University of New York at New Paltz for eighteen years before joining the University of Michigan in 2011. Her first two monographs analyzed the religious practices of English peasants and townspeople in the two hundred years between the Black Death (1348) and the Reformation. Her book Household Goods and Good Households in Late Medieval London: Consumption and Domesticity after the Plague will be out next year and it continues to try to understand the consequences of losing between a third to a half of the population to the Black Death. Link for a transcript of Professor French's remarks.

Undergraduate Teaching Award, Undergraduate Award for Leadership and Service 

Stephen A. Berrey

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Associate Professor of History and American Culture



A Special Message from the U-M History Faculty

Presented by:

Stephen A. Berrey

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Associate Professor of History and American Culture

Kate Wroblewski

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies

Starring more than two dozen U-M History faculty


A Special Message from the U-M History Staff

Presented by U-M History staff


University of Michigan
Department of History
Class of 2020

Martha Abrams
Olivia J. Anderson
Sara Appel
Felix Auboeck
Mary C. Basso
Laurel Elizabeth Baty
Asif Y. Becher
Kenneth Behmer
Timothy A. Bennett
Alanna J. Berger
Robert A. Berger
Brendan J. Bernardo
Patrick Bruce Birdsong
Olivia A. Bloomhuff
Daniel T. Bramhall
Adam W. Branch
Riley K. Branigan
Zachary Breininger
Jacob Brenner
Annalise N. Brinks
Mason T. Brudzinski
Madeline Rose Brunt
Alexandra N. Card
Alexandra Cascio
Zachary Chapman
Benjamin H. Charlson
Anna Yevgenievna Chudov
Anna G. Clark
Jacqueline Cope
Arielle L. Dayan
Lucas Dean
Ryan Devaney

Robert K. Donoghue
Noa H. Eaton
Zayd Elkahlah
Remy Farkas
Luke Fisher
Thomas A. Flynn
Sam Franz
Alex M. Friedman
Emily C. Frucci
Noah Gannon
Noah Garfinkel
Nicholas A. George
Samuel H. Glasberg
Samantha Tori Greenfield
Samuel Groh
Samantha Grosinger
Yosef Gross
Zhaoying He
Nicholas Henderlong
Ryan Herrmann
Brian Hinds
Jessica E. Hobbs
Evan Horowitz
Curtis Hunt
Julia M. Iaquinto
Zainab Imami
Robert Joseph
Solomon A Kahn
Aaron Kaplan
Mara D. Kaplan
Matthew Kauffman
Rebecca J. Kline

Michael T. Kling
Samuel N. Kole
Keelin M. Kraemer
Medha Krishen
Jakub J. Kubas
Emily J. Learman
Max Lee
Isabella Little
Taylor M. Luthe
Shannon N. Maag
Jack Kirkendall Mahon
Asher Margulies
Zachary Matthews
Rylei R. Mcallister
Daniel Raymond McGraw
William Ardel McKenna
Sydney Mckinstry
Fotini Michalakis
Alexis B. Miettinen
Donald Molosky Jr.
Collin Murphy
Justin T. Murphy
Samuel Nelson
Nadav Neuman
Molly Norris
Isabel Olson
Daniel Ozizmir
Alexandra Paradowski
Jose Penaloza
Matthew R. Petrillo
Tyrone Larue Pettygrue
Madeleine A. Pierpont

Max Polson
Julian R. Pozza
Marissa Pruitt
Jon M. Reid
Brooke C. Reiter
Shane Roberts
Mark Rollman
Emma J. Rooney
Michael J. Russo
Jared Schacter
Catherine E. Schertzing
Jason Schottenfeld
Kurt Schwartz
Kayla Sherman
Caroline J. Skiver
Davon Smith
Axel Steinmetz
Hannah Tanner
Bradley Eric Tauber
Nissa Thodesen-Kasparian
Christopher Thompson
Alexander P. Tzetzo
Mara Vandegrift
Xinglin Wang
Raymond Wen
Zhi Xin
Justin Joseph Zarka
Adeleine Louise Zeigen
Liyuan Zhang
Tyler Aaron Ziel
Michael G. Zimmerman
Michael S. Zolman

Meet the History Department's Newest Member!

We would like to introduce you all to our new U-M History mascot! This wolverine is a gift in commemoration of the class of 2020, and we hope it can provide some enjoyment and levity during these stressful days. We're currently calling our furry friend Chompy, but later this spring, we'll be asking you to give Chompy a better name. In the meantime, say hi to the newest member of the department! No real wolverines or other animals were harmed in the creation of our new friend.

This cuddly wolverine will be starring in all sorts of adventures that will be documented on U-M History's social feeds (Facebook and Instagram). But then again, by the look of the pictures below, Chompy's been here longer than we thought ...