Helicon History of Art Undergraduate Society hosted their annual exhibition of student of art on Friday, November 17 under the theme “The Words Escape Me”. The show featured more than twenty artists across disciplines including students of Penny Stamps School of Art, the Residential College, and, of course, the History of Art Department. The gallery was set up in an off-campus location on N. Division Street in Kerrytown and utilized spaces in two houses.  The multimedia show featured short films, ceramics, paintings, prints, performance art, a live pianist, and more. A group of more than ten Helicon members worked diligently for several days before the show, preparing the space and collecting art. New to this year’s exhibit was a variety of free zines, or small handmade publications, created by helicon members in answer to the theme of the show. As usual, the event was well attended, well received, and successful in supporting the artistic culture at the University of Michigan.