Kari Smith was recently part of the instruction team that was invited to Pretoria by the S. African National Research Foundation to present the Digital Preservation Management two day workshop and a three day S.A. specific Train-the-Trainer workshop for promulgating new Guidance on Building Digital Collections. The Digital Preservation Management Workshops, a series presented since 2003, incorporate community standards and exemplars of good practice to provide practical guidance for developing effective digital preservation programs. Smith has been the Project Manager for the DPM workshop series since 2009 (.15 appointment) and a utility Instructor since 2006, who is able to present multiple sessions during the 5-day or 2-day workshops.  

The workshops, partially funded by grants from the NEH, were initially developed at Cornell University beginning in 2003 under the direction of Anne Kenney and Nancy McGovern and have been further developed under the direction of Nancy McGovern at ICPSR since 2008. The work Kari does with the DPM workshops and for the Visual Resources Collections at History of Art dovetails nicely and builds upon and adds to the forward momentum of both.  Upcoming DPM workshops will take Kari to Albany, NY; Koln, Germany; Salt Lake City, UT; and Melbourne, Australia.

More information about the DPM workshop series is available at: http://www.icpsr.umich.edu/dpm/workshops/fiveday.html