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News about the Great Lakes

Below are representative news articles concerning the Great Lakes dating from December 2019 - April 2020. Their content does not necessarily represent the views of LSA or the University of Michigan. 

Downriver scientist speaks on environmental efforts generating big bucks in Great Lakes development; 4/9/20

Cleaning up polluted areas in the Great Lakes serves not just environmental but also economic goals.

Great Lakes high water is going to affect everyone in Michigan; 3/27/20

We've seen the photos of shoreside homes falling into the lakes. But it's not just property owners who will bear the cost of climate change in the Great Lakes region: initial estimates come in at a half-billion dollars in Michigan alone for relocating coastal roads and repairing damage to city infrastructure, among other climate-related damage-control needs.

Detroit activists unveil ordinance to protect Detroit River from another collapse; 2/18/20

After lax oversight resulted in river contamination at an industrial site, citizens and environmental groups joined forces to craft legislation to prevent future disasters.

Fighting polarization in algae bloom controversy; 2/12/20

Solutions to Great Lakes environmental problems come more easily when partisan rancor can be avoided

Detroit Churches and the Underground Railroad; 2/4/20

Reenactment tours offered in Detroit highlight the role of local churches and the Detroit River in the Underground Railroad

When the Lake Freezes; 01/23/20

Ohio poet laureate Dave Lucas ruminates on the beauty of an ice-covered lake.

Washed Up: Turning Great Lakes beach plastic into fashion; 01/27/20

University of Michigan student Jackson Riegler has founded a company to transform plastic waste on Great Lakes beaches into sustainable clothing.

More at stake than water with Lake Erie Bill of Rights court decision; 01/25/20

An upcoming legal hearing on the Lake Erie Bill of Rights will mark a turning point in a local group's campaign to have Lake Erie formally recognized as an ecosystem worthy of rights.

Michigan's draft PFAS regulations not strong enough, environmentalists say; 01/15/20

A public hearing took place to discuss the proposed regulations for PFAS in drinking water.

Homeowners near the Great Lakes face a 'very scary' challenge: How do you handle a generation's worth of water level changes in just a few years?; 01/09/2020

The effects of climate change on the Great Lakes region are coming into focus for Lake Huron communities where livelihoods at once depend on and are threatened by their proximity to an increasingly unpredictable shoreline

Michigan's Great Lakes: Photographs by Jeff Gaydash- Detroit Institute of Arts; Saturday Nov 16th, 2019- Sunday May 3rd, 2020

Large-scale photographs of Lakes Erie, Huron, Michigan and Superior are the subject of this exhibition by Detroit area photographer Jeff Gaydash. Known for his expertise with black-and-white digital printing, Jeff has traveled to coastlines throughout Michigan to capture the sublime beauty and quiet solitude of one of nature’s greatest treasures.

Michigan Democrats take aim at Nestlé. Farmers urge caution; 12/17/2019

A Swiss company’s water withdrawals in northern Michigan are again stoking long-simmering tensions, with the issue becoming part of a larger debate over who controls water diversion across the Great Lakes region.

The Blackest City in the U.S. Is Facing an Environmental Justice Nightmare; 12/17/2019

Detroit’s most vulnerable residents face inequalities like toxic air, lead poisoning, and water shutoffs

Chicago to Cleveland in 30 minutes with the Great Lakes Hyperloop; 12/16/2019

Feasibility studies have been completed on a new, high-speed transportation system linking major cities in the Great Lakes region

Michigan Proposes New Controls on Farm Animal; 12/06/2019

The use of livestock waste as fertilizer on industrial farms contributes to water quality degradation in the Great Lakes. Michigan regulators have proposed revising rules on the winter application of manure to address the issue.