On December 3, you can make an impact through gifts to scholarships, programs, speakers, and internship scholarships!

Gendelman Endowment

Donate to keep the department—which recently won awards from both the College of LSA and LSA Student Government—continue its excellence in undergraduate education by providing an education in German that crosses science as well as artistic disciplines.

Strategic Fund

Support the German department's philosophy of learning language and culture from the beginning until the end.’

Dutch and Flemish Studies

Make a gift to Dutch and Flemish Studies at U-M and support one of only 9 schools in the U.S. that offers a Dutch language program! Enable it to continue as a major resource for the dissemination and study of Dutch and Flemish culture for U-M students, the State of Michigan, and beyond.

Swedish Studies

Your gift to Swedish language studies at U-M supports opportunities for undergraduate students and outreach events to the Scandinavian community throughout Michigan.