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Honors Concentrators 2014-2015

Honors Projects

Jeremy Borison -- A Sense of Sound 

A Sense of Sound follows the story of Robert Schamen as he faces a medical condition of musical hallucinations. When Robert realizes his hallucinations consist of original music, he sets out to complete his new symphony. Pitted against his family's concern for his health, Robert must face the issue of balancing the parts of his life he holds most dear. 

Julia Braid -- First Date 

First Date takes place in space, where humanity and an alien race meet for peace talks in the aftermath of a catastrophic interstellar war. In the midst of all the tension, one of the aliens hijacks a young human soldier and makes him act as a tour guide. Between them, the tension disappears, and love begins to bloom.

William O'Donnell and Anna Baumgarten -- Co-Education 

Co-Education, a television pilot, tells the story of trouble-making twins Bella and Chris: after being expelled from their public school for wheeling and dealing test answers, they wreak havoc upon their new homes: same sex, Catholic boarding schools. 

Shira Steiner - Honors Thesis

Tween TV: Addressing the Pre-Teen Girl in American Television

This thesis examines the "tween" - a girl between the ages of 8 and 14 - in the context of contemporary American television. The "tween" represents a social position with specific desires, responsibilities and relationships, while also being an attractive demographic due to her repetitive viewing habits, susceptibility to word-of-mouth marketing and access to disposable income. Within the context of the sitcom and the changing image of the American Family, Steiner explores how "tween"-oriented programs employ unique narrative and distinctive visual styles to appeal to these girls, while simultaneously targeting them as a consumer demographic using particular branding strategies and modes of address.



Tricia Williams - after. (an original screenplay)

Based off of Cinderella, with a few modifications to make the classic story a little more interesting, after. is a story set in London in the early 1900s that centers around Catherine Roberts, who, after the death of her father, has to find a way to defeat her evil stepmother (as the story goes).