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Honors Concentrators 2018-2019

Phoebe Hopp 

Originial Screenplay - Coyote
Primary Advisor, Jim Burnstein; Secondary Advisor, Hubert Cohen

A classic Western revenge tale with a twist, Phoebe Hopp's Coyote is a screenplay that tells a story of outlaw versus lawman, justice versus law, and friendship versus duty. Most importantly, it lets a woman do her share of the shooting.

Andrew Howell

Original Drama - Walkoff 
Primary Advisor, David Marek; Secondary Advisor, Hubert Cohen 

Walk Off is a short drama exploring the relationship between a high school baseball star and his sports-crazed father. With graduation nearing, and no offers to play in college, father and son are forced to figure out what life and their relationship consists of without baseball.

Maxim Vinogradov 

Originial Screenplay - Grand River 
Primary Advisor, Jim Burnstein; Secondary Advisor, Maya Barzilai

Grand River is a screenplay thesis about two young Jewish girls that have blackmailed a Lyft driver into taking them across the state so they can join a cult. Full of zany characters and quippy dialogue, the script delves into questions of faith, how children process trauma, and what it means for something to be truly, truly absurd.

Joe Wagner 

Thesis - David Kaufman, or Dziga Vertov: Life, Caught Unawares & Meditative Movies
Primary Advisor, Matthew Solomon; Secondary Advisor, Christopher McNamara

Joe Wagner's integrated thesis contemplates the written and filmic works of Dziga Vertov and his approaches to capturing everyday life on camera. Combined with Joe's experimental film Meditation on Motion, he extrapolates methods used by Vertov and other experimental filmmakers to explore the beauty of quotidian movement.