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Budget Guidelines for FTVM Award Applications

Applications for the following awards must include a detailed budget of the expected costs. 

  • The Alice Webber Glover Scholarship Award
  • Garnet R. Garrison Scholarship for Honors 
  • The Barbara Preston Scholarship Award 

Important note for film production budgets: 

The University of Michigan, through the Department of Film, Television, and Media (FTVM) and Instructional Support Services (ISS), provides, on-loan to students registered for University courses, the equipment necessary to produce high-quality student projects.

Unless there are extraordinary, justified circumstances requests for special equipment will NOT be funded. Examples of special equipment include items such as prime lenses, special dollies, specific cameras. The FTVM Awards Committee places emphasis on a student’s creativity and resourcefulness in funding and making their work. Funds are expected to be used during the term they are given.

Budget Preparation Guidelines

  • The budget MUST reflect the total expected expenses for the project.
  • Please list on your budget any materials you are receiving "in kind" (donated or provided by         other sources).
  • Inflated budgets will reflect negatively on your project. If you need assistance, please consult        with a faculty member to determine the accuracy of your budget. 
  • Only UNAVOIDABLE costs can be covered with grant money.
  • UNAVOIDABLE costs for production projects can include such things as props, costumes, 
         costume cleaning, and expendables such as gels, camera tape, set needs, and the film 
         processing and lab costs. Please check with the studio staff which expenses are covered by 
         lab fees, and will therefore be listed as "in kind." 
  • For academic projects, legitimate expenses include copying, media rental, book, journal, and 
         media purchase, and travel to archives or other cultural institutions of relevance, and   
         admittance fees. 
  • Food is an AVOIDABLE cost unless it is for the cast and crew during a long shoot (more than        five hours). Please estimate no more than $5.00 per person/shoot.
  • Production insurance may be an unavoidable cost and will be considered on a case-by-case 
  • Alcohol and controlled substances may not be purchased with these grants. 
  • Under no circumstances are endowment funds to be used for the purchase of production             equipment, salaries, or software.

Sample Budget for Download