The new Real Fresh showcase and competition is spotlighting the work of student documentary filmmakers from Michigan State University, Oakland University, University of Michigan, University of Windsor and Wayne State University. Faculty representatives from each of the five schools nominated a total of 26 student films. From that group, a Freep Film Festival jury chose these 10 shorts as representing some of the best documentary work from our region’s colleges.

This year's competition features two FTVM student films -- Seif by Brielle Bonetti ('20) and Every Color at Once by Caleb Phillip James ('23) -- and will air both in person (September 24th, 2021, 4:00 p.m., Cinema Detroit) and virtually (September 22-29, 2021).

For detailed information about the festival program and tickets, please click here

David Marek's FTVM 301 Documentary class will participate in judging this year's films, and the projects produced in his class will be eligible for next year's competition.