FTVM honors students Abby Buchmeyer & Emily Browning and Clare Higgins will screen their original films Low Expectations and Origins at in the Michigan Theater Screening Room on April 18, 2017, at 6:30 p.m. and be available to answer questions after the screenings. 

Low Expectations - In this sketch and improv-based honors TV pilot, three girls navigate the trials and tribulations of college in a modern take on the undergraduate experience. 

Winner of the Frank and Gail Beaver Scriptwriting Prize; funded with help from the Arts of Michigan Mini-Grant. Directed by Abby Buchmeyer; produced by Emily Browning; Associate Producer, Anita Koltun. Abby & Emily's FTVM Faculty Advisors are Terri Sarris (primary) and Candace Moore (secondary).


Origins - A collection of three filmic adaptations that explore the artistic possibilities and challenges of the translation of different mediums onto the screen, Origins encompasses dance (Phantasm), poetry (Pledge Allegiance), and written narrative (Built to Last). By adapting a work from each medium into its own film, this project focuses on filmmaking style, directional objectives, and collaboration with different artists. 

Directed by Clare Higgins; featuring work by Robert Maynard, Carlina Duan, and Alyssa Honsowetz; produced by Christina Oh and Fahim Rahman; Associate Producer, Maria Mikhailova. Clare's FTVM Faculty Advisors are Victor Fanucchi (primary) and Daniel Herbert (secondary).