Lifematch and The Oracle of Delta Phi, two FTVM 423 films, premiered at The Traverse City Film Festival on Thursday, August 2, 2018, at the Old Town Playhouse.

The two student productions were developed throughout the semester by students in Screenwriting Program Director Jim Burnstein's and production faculty Robert Rayher’s Screenwriting 423 class and carried out with the help of fellow undergraduate writers, actors, and the multi-faceted production crew. Though his students provided the plot and stage direction, Burnstein said the productions required participation from across the University including the Stamps School of Art and Design, the School of Music, Theater, and Dance, and the Ross School of Business.

After the screenings, Burnstein, Rayher, and many of the student filmmakers spoke about their experiences and answered audience questions.

In addition to the screenings and Q&A, the festival's Film School also featured a class taught by Oliver Thornton, "Writing Pilots" and a class taught by Robert Rayher, Jim Burnstein, and Pamela Guest (Casting Director/Actor), "U-M Pilot Production: Behind the Scenes." Matthew Solomon conducted a Filmmaker Roundtable at the festival. 

About the films (extracted from the 2018 TCFF program)

Lifematch - In a city where everyone is guaranteed a soulmate, Verena’s younger sister goes missing. In order to find her, Verena must uncover the truth behind the “Lifematch” system, and what that means for her future with her own soulmate, in Gillian Greenbaum’s timely and thoughtful film, Lifematch.

The Oracle of Delta Phi - In Yevheniia Tanako’s, The Oracle of Delta Phi, the “Greek” Presidents of sororities and fraternities at Olympia University have the power of Gods, and Cassandra is cursed with prophetic visions that no one believes.