Animator David Knott recently visited UM  to share his experiences and knowledge of the field of television animation with several FTVM classes: FTVM 236, FTVM 306, and FTVM 311. In Cohen's FTVM 236, The Art of Film, Knott gave a mini-lecture on storyboarding and animation. While in McNamara's FTVM 306, New Media Practices, Knott discussed his own career trajectory and described the current field of animation. In Thornton's FTVM 311, Writing for Television: The Spec Script, Knott discussed the process of working his way up through animation after graduating from Michigan. He also participated in three "table reads" of specs currently in development in the class, including one of the two animated shows the class is covering, "Bob's Burgers." Finally, Knott led a master class in story conceptualization and visual development for students from FTVM and Stamps School of Art & Design, who then worked individually to create thumbnails and rough boards for a short script that Knott wrote. Once completed, Knott conducted individual critiques with each student.