The Dissertation Writing Institute is for graduate students whose research is complete or nearly complete, who have conceptualized the principal elements of the dissertation, and who have already begun to write the dissertation. Participants attend the Institute for at least six hours each day during the eight weeks of the Spring term. They participate in group discussions, where they share their writing and receive feedback. Paul Barron, faculty member at the Center and in English Language and Literature, says faculty seek to build students' confidence in their writing, and encourage them to view themselves not just as scholars but also as writers. "We have no specialized knowledge of their field. This allows us to focus on the writing itself," he says.  During the Institute, Strassfeld will be working on his dissertation "The Detroit Model: Regulating Race and Pornography, 1950-1979" in which he examines the history of media censorship and antiporn politics in Detroit within the context of the broader history of racial and class politics in the city. 

Congratulations - and best of luck, Ben!

The Dissertation Writing Institute is supported by the College of Literature, Science & the Arts, the Rackham Graduate School, and the Sweetland Center for Writing.