Mihaela Mihailova recently published "In Toon with the Times: Diversity in American Commercial Animation" in FLOW. Using examples from feminist, queer-inclusive, and race-conscious contemporary American TV shows and shorts, this article examines questions of diversity and inclusion in animated productions. It argues that, despite often remaining conspicuously absent from broader cultural discourse on media representation,cartoons reflect the experiences of under-represented groups and celebrate marginalized identities just as meaningfully as live action.

Image credit -Todd Favela of 'Danger & Eggs'

Mihailova also recently published "Drawn (to) independence: female showrunners in contemporary American TV animation" in the latest issue of Feminist Media Studies and wrote a blog post on anime music videos titled "Remixing Fyodor D.: The Sound of National Character(s) in Russian-Language Bungo Stray Dogs AMVs."