As part of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the MICHIGAN EMMY® CHAPTER is a standard-bearer for excellence in the television broadcasting industry and the gatekeeper of the prestigious regional EMMY® Awards in Michigan. The Michigan EMMY® represents the most experienced and talented television professionals from all disciplines of the industry and from all of Michigan’s 11 television markets.

Five of the projects that Oliver Thornton worked on with Matthew Stinson (FTVM, '10) last year received nominations for this year's awards:

J.P. - The Voice of Detroit (Documentary - Cultural)
Pioneer Family - On Van Hoosen Farm (Documentary - Historical)
Get Smart With Your Money (Community/Public Service (PSA) - Campaign)
OU All-Access - "Persevere and Thrive" (Sports - Program Series)
OU All-Access - "The NCAA vs. Corporal Isaiah Brock" (Military - Program Feature/Segment)

The 39th Emmy Awards will be held at the MotorCity Sound Board Theater on June 10, 2017.