Solomon's memorial for the late Madame Méliès “In Memoriam: Madeleine Malthête-Méliès (1923-2018),” was posted on the Domitor website "Snapshots of Early Cinema."

"Domitorians continue to mourn the death last year of Madeleine Malthête-Méliès (née Madeleine Fontaine), who died in her sleep in Paris on July 8, 2018. Malthête-Méliès' [work to] document the history of early cinema long before film history, much less studies of early cinema, really existed as a distinctive field of research. Hers was surely among the longest careers of any film historian ever, distinguished by more than eighty-five years of research activity that began with personal conversations with her grandfather Georges Méliès, and ended only with her death at the age of 95.

Madeleine Malthête-Méliès is survived by her three children, Anne-Marie Quévrain, Jean-François Malthête, and Jacques Malthête. We treasure her memory and will long be grateful for her scholarship and her advocacy of early cinema and the work of Georges Méliès in particular."