Professor Cohen lectures on HIGH NOON (photo, Mary Lou Chlipala)

Joshua Bilmes, former student of Professor Hubert Cohen and current president/founder of JABerwocky Literary Agency, intends to honor Professor Cohen's lasting impact on his life with a bequest of $250,000 to create a named fellowship program for researchers working in the U-M Library's Screen Arts Mavericks and Makers Collection. In addition to honoring his former professor, Bilmes’s gift to establish the Screen Arts Mavericks and Makers Research Fellowship Fund in Honor of Hubert I. Cohen also reflects his own appreciation for film as an art form, and for the library.  [...]

“We watched films. We talked about and dissected them. We wrote papers on them. And we did that in like-minded company, with a professor who had passion for the material,” Bilmes said. “That’s something I still do today with the books that I represent. I read them. I dissect them. I talk about them. I help authors make them better. I’m in a completely different trade, but this ties into the overall value of a liberal arts education, which is in providing skills that are useful across all of what we do.” 


Text above excerpted from Alan Piñon's "Gift establishes fellowship to honor film professor’s lasting impact on students," M Library Electroncic Newlsetter, October 15, 2020. Read the entire article here