As the Michigan State Film Incentives Program has truly come to an end, writer Jenn McKee of Concentrate interviewed local filmmakers, asking them, "What legacy, if any, did they leave behind?"  After talking with Director of Screenwriting Jim Burnstein about the impact of the program during its "golden years," McKee questioned him about the factors he believed contributed to the program's downfall, and then ended her interview with the query, "After all the time and energy [you] invested in Michigan's now-dead film incentives, [do you] now feel they were a waste?" Burnstein responded, "I feel like that's a tough question [...] If I had to do it over again - I don't know. For a few years, I couldn't talk about it [...] But now I look back at the experience and the careers it provided for my students, and that part of it makes me very happy." 

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