After battling a terminal illness, Ian decides to forego treatment and head West in search of solitude and a beautiful place to spend his final days. Despite his best efforts to isolate himself, however, Ian becomes the center of a makeshift family of kind-hearted characters who help him in the redemptive process of letting go, opening his heart and finally reaching his undetermined destination. Somewhere West is a journey of forgiveness and friendship that travels 3000 miles across some of the most revelatory landscapes in the US, including Michigan's Upper Peninsula, The Badlands, Black Hills, Devils Tower, Yellowstone, The Great Salt Lake, and Bonneville Salt Flats. 

Shot in 31 consecutive days while traveling 4982 miles in an RV with a cast and crew of 9, Somewhere West is a triumph of filmmaking ingenuity and collaboration. The cast and crew slept wherever they parked, ate and rehearsed while driving, showered in campgrounds, and did laundry on the rare occasion they stopped in town for supplies. Shot chronologically, the Somewhere West team lived the story of the film in real time, which is evident in the authentic performances, as well as the visual innovation of this unforgettable film. 

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