Both Solomon's and Longo's essays were part of a dossier on audiovisual essay pedagogy, which Solomon introduced and edited. Solomon's introduction reframes scholarly attention about the audiovisual essay by discussing its pedagogical utility at all levels of postsecondary instruction in cinema and media studies using the work of film theorist Raymond Bellour as a point-of-departure. The edited dossier includes contributions by both senior and junior scholars with several decades of combined experience teaching with audiovisual essays.

Longo's essay describes the methods and pedagogical principles to teach audiovisual essay creation to the almost 400 students (most of whom had no prior experience) over three semesters in the University of Michigan’s introduction to film course [then Art of Film].The class achieves this large feat by treating audiovisual essay creation as analogous to film production, heavily reliant on a written script. This process is highly adaptable and, as the essay argues using interviews from students, accommodates multidisciplinary students in the creation of their audiovisual essays even when they have vastly different technical and rhetorical skills, or knowledge of media and the audiovisual essay.