Over the weekend of October 14 and 15, 2017, Colin Gunckel traveled to Tepoztlán, Mexico to assist with recovery efforts at Permanencia Voluntaria, the only non-profit archive of Mexican popular cinema in the country. The archive currently houses the collection of the Calderón family, who primarily produced genre films: Mexican wrestling, horror, cabaret melodramas, and "sexy comedies." Tepotzlán was near the epicenter of the recent earthquake, and the archive and its small cinema (the Baticine) sustained substantial damage. Through the generosity of donors around the world, Permanencia Voluntaria was able to purchase storage materials and new flat files. Gunckel spent the week organizing their extensive collection of lobby cards, movie posters, publicity materials, and still photos to ensure that they are properly stored, organized, and inventoried. These efforts will continue into the foreseeable future as improvements are made to the building and efforts are made to secure storage and restoration of their film collection.

Pictured on front page, Colin Gunckel with volunteer Megan McClure