Associate Professor Colin Gunckel was quoted in Ada Tseng's article "For some in Hollywood, the 'remake' is taking on global proportions" (August 18. 2017, PRI's The World).

Gunckel comments on the June 2017 Mexican remake of the 2009 Bollywood blockbuster comedy 3 Idiots. The Mexican adaptation 3 Idiotas was released by Lionsgate and Pantelion Films, billed as “the first Latino Hollywood Studio.” According to Gunckel, the Mexican film industry has been trying to tap into the American market since the 1930s, but has had limited success until Pantelion Films was formed in 2010. They’re moving away from the idea of a Mexican theatrical film as an art film and moving toward popular appeal,” says Gunckel. “And they can do that because they have strategic partnerships that guarantee these films an [international] audience."