Assistant Professor Yvette Granata's project The Endless (2022) will be exhibited at That Alright Art Space in Taipei, Taiwan, from October 21-28, followed by a screening at the Denver Underground Film Festival on November 14, 2022. A virtual reality version of The Endless will then be featured in an exhibition at The McDonough Museum of Art at Youngstown State University in February 2023. FTVM senior Johannes Pardi (Mitchell Scholar 21-22) was a part of the creative team for The Endless and is credited as the editor and virtual cinematographer. 

Granata's interactive film installation Deep Sophia (2022), that premiered internationally in competition at the 26th Video Medeja New Media Arts Festival in the Media Projects section (October 7-9, 2022), will be part of a special program for the Light Matter festival from November 4-6, 2022, at the Time Space Interface Harland Snodgrass Gallery at Alfred University in Alfred, NY. Granata's work will be on view one week before the festival begins and remain on view for the duration of the festival. 

Deep Sophia is a three channel interactive video installation that explores the intersection of artificial intelligence, ‘deep fakes’, and emotion capture. The Sophia Robot is mapped onto the faces of women from historical films and also the audience’s face, amplifying a strange form of human-robot expression.