Recently, Professor Hugh Cohen, Lecturer Mark Kligerman, and Senior Lecturer Terri Sarris were nominated for the Golden Apple Award, the only University of Michigan student-nominated award that recognizes outstanding university teaching. 

In Professor Cohen's nomination letters, students commented that he is "very passionate about the subject of film, chooses excellent examples for lectures, interesting yet instructive, focuses on learning and not grades, engages students."





In Mark Kligerman's nomination, a student noted that “He makes film history interesting through his passion and excitement.”






In Terri Sarris' nomination letters, a student commented that “During my freshman orientation, my advisor suggested I take a freshman seminar with Terri Sarris because she thought an early relationship with Terri would be good for my future in the Film, Television, and Media program. Little did I know, Terri would be absolutely instrumental in getting me to where I'm at today as a soon-to-be graduating senior. Terri has inspired me and helped me on an individual basis, and she has done this with every student to cross her path. Even if the questions I had didn't pertain specifically to her, she always pointed me in the right direction. If I emailed her with inquires, she always responded with enthusiasm and within a matter of hours. I've known her to respond to emails on weekends and at 3am." 

Another student wrote that "Terri brings an air of safety and excitement to her classroom; no idea is ever brushed aside, and no student ever comes to class dreading what lies ahead. If she has a morning class, she often brings breakfasts of donuts, bagels, and oranges to share with her students. Terri treats every student as if they were her own child, but still manages to command tremendous respect in the classroom and in the department. Terri invests her whole self into teaching, and you can tell just by her genuine excitement and level of preparedness that no profession would suit her better. Terri deserves this award more than any professor I've had during my four years at Michigan, and I would be proud and thrilled to see her receive it while I am still a student."

Congratulations on your well-deserved nominations, Hugh, Mark, and Terri!