ICG's Emerging Cinematographer awards are open to any member of the guild who is not already classified as a director of photography. The awards were created to give Local 600 members an opportunity to present themselves as directors of photography by submitting their short films. Out of 108 submissions, Geoff George (FTVM '08) was selected as one of the 10 honorees for his work on My Blood.

Jimmy Matiosz, chairman of the guild's ECA committee, comments, "This year we had our largest crop of submissions, making the competition increasingly more challenging and setting a new bar for the outstanding quality of the films and new talent." 

George will be honored at the ceremony to be held on Oct. 6, 2019, at the Saban Media Center's Wolf Theatre, where a short film submitted by each honoree (and selected by a panel of ICG members) will be screened.

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Photo credit, Michigan Production Alliance