The Pickle Recipe enjoyed a fabulous reception at its World Premiere at the 31st Santa Barbara International Film Festival earlier this month. FTVM Alum and writer Sheldon Cohn comments, "Our second screening overlapped the first quarter of the Super Bowl, and we sold out again." Reviewer Phil Hunziker states, The comedy is only half the reason for which this film will keep you smiling throughout. There is a general pleasantness about it that is paced by both the comedy and the aforementioned warm-hearted nature of the film." The audience members agreed; several viewers contributed their thoughts after viewing the film: "[It] had such a profound effect on me" and "It was probably my favorite film of the festival - so much fun!" 

The Pickle Recipe tells the tale of a "down-on-his-luck" party emcee who, in his desperation for cash, is corrupted by his shameless uncle to steal his grandmother's top secret pickle recipe.

Other Film, Television, and Media alumni who worked on the project are as follows: Geoffrey George (Director of Photography), Josh Ficken (Key Grip), Chris Miller (Grip), and Eddie Rubin (Producer).

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