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Recent Dissertations

Joshua Wall Covenantal Poetics: Jewish, Irish, and African American Modernisms Beyond the Lyric L&L 2018
Gail Gibson Efficiency, Correctness, and the Authority of Automation: Technology in College Basic Writing Instruction E&E 2017
Christopher Parsons Ideologies about Gender and Literacy in the Academic Lives of Young Men: A Qualitative Study in Three High School English Classrooms E&E 2017
Aubrey Schiavone Understanding the Literacies of Working Class First-Generation College Students E&E 2017
Cassius Adair The Misrecognition You Can Bear L&L  2017
Gregory Dandeles Avant-Gardes at the Iron Curtain: A Transnational Reading of Allen Ginsberg and the Soviet Estradny Movement L&L 2017
Kyle Grady Moors, Mulattos, and Post-Racial Problems: Rethinking Racialization in Early Modern England L&L 2017
John Hampstead Telos and Philology in the Early Modern English Epic L&L 2017
Julia Hansen Transatlantic Vividness: Imagining at a Distance in Nineteenth-Century Poetry L&L  2017
Elizabeth Mathie Reinventing Mastery: Training and Mutuality on the Early Modern English Stage L&L 2017
Logan Scherer Beyond Curiosity: Late-Nineteenth-Century American Women's Narratives of Obsession L&L 2017
Alice Tsay Absorbing Fare: Food, Bodies, and Social Attention in Modern Britain L&L 2017
Christie Allen
The Informed Victorian Reader L&L 2016
Kathryne Bevilacqua Making U.S. Readers, 1900-1930 L&L 2016
Alistair Chetwynd Recuperating Deliberation in Early-Postmodern US Fiction L&L 2016
Joshua Kupetz Disability Ecology: Literary Disability in 20th Century U.S. Fiction L&L 2016
Sarah Linwick Nature and Ecologies of Kind in Early Modern England L&L 2016
Elizabeth McAdams Turning Japanese: Japonisme in Victorian Literature and Culture. L&L 2016
Emily Waples Self-Health: The Politics of Care in American Literature L&L 2016
Emily Howard Grounds of Knowledge: Unofficial Epistemologies of British Environmental Writing, 1745-1835 L&L 2015
Emily Johnston Poisoned Subjects: Testimonial Justice in Toxic Life Narrative L&L 2015
Konstantina Karageorgos Beyond the Blueprint: African-American Literary Marxism in the Period of the Cold War, 1946-1969 L&L 2015
Ruth McAdams How the Victorians Invented the Regency: Historicizing the Recent Past L&L 2015
Matthew Oches The Skin of Modernity: Primitivism and Tattooing in Literature L&L 2015
Nicolette Bruner Olson Corporate Impersonation: The Possibilities of Personhood in American Literature, 1886-1917 L&L 2015
Elizabeth Rodrigues Data-Driven Modernism: Collecting Lives and Narrating Selves in Early 20th Century U.S. Literature L&L 2015
Cordelia Zukerman The Status of Reading in Early Modern English Literature L&L 2015
Steven Engel In Your Own Words: Ideological Dilemmas in English Teachers' Talk about Plagiarism E&E 2014
Elizabeth Homan Digital Pedagogies and Teacher Networks: How Teachers' Professional Learning and Interpersonal relationships Shape Classroom Digital Practices E&E 2014
Anne Porter Distributed Agency and the Rhetorical Work of Essay Contests E&E 2014
Crystal VanKooten Developing Meta-Awareness about Composition through New Media in the First-Year Writing Classroom E&E 2014
Christopher Barnes Reading Methodist Characters the Figure and Politics of Popular Evangelicalism in American Fiction, 1790-1860 L&L 2014
Nan Da Occasionality: A Theory of Literary Exchange between US and China in the Nineteenth Century. L&L 2014
Carolyn Dekker Ecologies of Thought in Early Modern English Drama L&L 2014
Katherine Fisher Writing (in) the Spaces of the Blitz: Spatial Myths and Memory in Wartime British Literature L&L 2014
Angela Heetderks Witty Fools and Foolish Wits: Performing Cognitive Disability in English Literature, c. 1380-c. 1602 L&L 2014
Alice Keane "Full of Experiments and Reforms": Bloomsbury's Literature and Economics L&L 2014
David Lucas The Selfin the Song: Identity and Authority in Contemporary American Poetry L&L 2014
Khaliah-Yasmeen Mangrum Picturing Slavery: Photography and the U.S. Slave Narrative, 1831-1920 L&L 2014
Adam Mazel The Work and Play of Rhyme in Victorian Verse Cultures, 1850-1900 L&L 2014
Asynith Palmer Writing Industrial Ruins: An Exploration of Postindustrial Narratives in Fiction, Poetry, and Blogs L&L 2014
Benjamin Pollak Plotting Gotham: Interwar Jewish Writers and the Politics of Place L&L 2014
Rebecca Porte An Agreement with Reality: The Poetry of Logical Modernism L&L 2014
Leila Watkins Forms of Consolation in Early Modern English Poetry L&L 2014
Kathryn Will Cultivating Heraldic Histories in Early Modern English Literature L&L 2014
Andrew Bozio Ecologies of Thought in Early Modern English Drama L&L 2013
Brian Matzke All Scientific Stuff: Science, Expertise, and Everyday Reality in 1926 L&L 2013
Daniel Mintz Crafting the Jewish Writer: Jewish Writing, Professionalism, and the L&L 2013
Stephen Spiess Shakespeare's Whore: Language, Prostitution, and Knowledge in Early Modern England L&L 2013
Emma Garrett Undoing Home: Queer Space and Black Women's Writing 1865-1953 E&WS 2013
Puspa Damai Welcoming Strangers: Hospitality in American Literature and Culture E&AC 2012
Donna Scheidt Using Narrative Jurisprudence to Develop a Narrative Approach to Deliberative Ethical Argument in Composition E&E 2012
Olivia Bustion Queering the City of God: W.H. Auden's Later Poetry and the Ethics of Friendship L&L 2012
Geremy Carnes English Catholics in English Literature, 1666-1791 L&L 2012
Rachel Feder The Crisis of Infinity: Mathematics, Philosophy, and Nineteenth-Century Poetry L&L 2012
Kumiko Kobayashi Wondrous Bric-a-brac: Thingness and Alternative Spirituality in American Modernist Fiction L&L 2012
Karen McConnell Confrontations with the Invisible World: Religion, History, and Modernity in Romantic Scotland L&L 2012
Christa Vogelius The Culture of Ekphrasis in America's Age of Print, 1830-1880 L&L 2012
Laura Aull Forgotten Genres: The Editorial Apparatus of American Anthologies and Composition Textbooks. E&E 2011
Bethany Davila Enduring Patterns: Standard Language and Privileged Identities in the Writing Classroom E&E 2011
Hannah Dickson Composing Violence: Student Talk, University Discourse and the Politics of Witnessing E&E 2011
Moisés D. Perales Escudero EFL critical reading of transnational political opinion texts: A design-based study E&E 2011
Melinda McBee Orzulak Understanding Language to Support Equitable Teaching: How Beginning English Teachers Engage Complexity, Negotiate Dilemmas, and Avoid Deficit Ideologies E&E 2011
Randall Pinder "Adult Learners'" Understanding and Expectations of Literacy and Their Impact on Participation in Adult Literacy Programs E&E 2011
Staci Lynn Shultz Literacy Sponsorship in the Digital Extracurriculum: How Students' Participation in Fan Fiction Sites Can Inform Composition Pedagogy E&E 2011
Angela Berkley "Show and Tell: Photography, Film and Literary Naturalism in Late Nineteenth-Century Americaö L&L 2011
Nathaniel Mills Ragged Figures: The Lumpenproletariat in Nelson Algren and Ralph Ellison L&L 2011
John Cords "Word, Work and Wish": Labor and Productivity in William Blake L&L 2011
Ori Weisberg The City and the Word: London, "Jerusalem," and the Early Modern English Nation L&L 2011
Robert Ari Friedlander Promiscuous Generation: Rogue Sexuality and the Gendering of Elites in Early Modern England L&L 2011
Manan Desai "The United States of India": South Asian Reflections of America, 1905-78 L&L 2011
Toshiaki Komura Poetry of Lost Loss: a Study of the Modern Anti-Consolatory Elegy L&L 2011
Kentston Bauman Feeding on MotherAEs Flesh: The Logic of Incest and Miscegenation on the Early Modern Stage L&L 2011
Joanne Lipson Freed Haunting Encounters: The Ethics of Global Reading L&L 2011
Caroline Miller Abstract Concrete: Experimental Poetry in Post-WWII New York City L&L 2011
Rebecca Wiseman Negotiating Subjectivity in Early Modern English Poetics L&L 2011
Alexander Beringer The Pleasures of Conspiracy: American Literature 1870-1910 L&L 2011
Katherine Brokaw Tudor Musical Theater: Staging Religious Difference from/Wisdom/to/The Winter's Tale/ L&L 2011
Roxana Galusca Projects of Humanitarianism: Narratives of Sex Trafficking and Migration in the Twenty-First Century United States L&L 2011
Taryn Hakala Working Dialect: Nonstandard Voices in Victorian Literature L&L 2010
Jonathan Smith "England's Best Birthright": The Theology and Law of Inheritance in Seventeenth-Century England L&L 2010
Michael Tondre Diffusive Fictions: Theories of Non-Productivity in Victorian Science and Culture L&L 2010
Xiwen Mai Transcultural Intertextuality: Reading Asian North American Poetry L&L 2010
Casie LeGette Reading the Recent Past: British Radical Print Cuture and the Remaking of Literary History, 1790-1870 L&L 2010
Korey Jackson Literatures of Language: A Literary History of Linguistics in Nineteenth-Century America L&L 2010
Jennifer McFarlane-Harris Autobiographical Theologies: Subjectivity and Religious Language in Spiritual Narratives, Poetry, and Hymnody by African-American Women, 1830-1900 E&WS 2010
Navaneetha Mokkil-Maruthur Shadows of Progress: The Sexual Figures of Contemporary Kerala, India E&WS 2010
Amy Carpenter Ford Constructing Authority across Racial Difference A White Teacher Signifyin(g) with African American Students in a High School English Classroom E&E 2010
Michael Bunn Reconceptualizing the Role of Reading in Composition Studies E&E 2010
Ebony Elizabeth Thomas "We're Saying the Same Thing": How English Teachers Negotiated Solidarity, Identify, and Ethics Through Talk and Interaction E&E 2010
Heather Thomson Bunn When God's Word Isn't Good Enough: Exploring Christian Discourses in the College Composition Classroom E&E 2009
Rebecca Gershenson Smith Framed: The Interior Woman Observer in Modernity L&L 2009
Stephanie Batkie Sentenced to Hard Labor: Vernacular Transformations in the Late Fourteenth Century L&L 2009
James Beitler Rhetorics of Interdependence: Composing the Ethos of the Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission E&E 2009
David Brown Curricular Approaches to Linguistic Diversity: Code-Switching, Register-Shifting and Academic Language L&L 2009
Jennifer Buehler Words Matter: the Role of Discourse in Creating, Sustaining, and Changing School Culture E&E 2009
LaMont Egle Plotting Friendship: Male Bonds in Early Nineteenth-Century L&L 2009
Jennifer Emery Peck Modernism's Material Forms: Literary Experiments in Transatlantic Print Culture 1880-1945 L&L 2009
Rebecca Gershenson Smith Framed: The Interior Woman Artist-Observer in Modernity. L&L 2009
Grace Glass Visions for Company: Otherness and the Supernatural in Nineteenth-Century England and America L&L 2009
Lauren LaFauci Peculiar Nature: Slavery, Environment, and Nationalism in the Antebellum South L&L 2009
Joshua Lambert Unclean Lips: Obscenity and Jews in American Literature L&L 2009
David Lavinsky After Wyclif: Lollard Biblical Scholarship and the English Vernacular, c.1380-c.1450 L&L 2009
Chris Palmer Borrowings, Derivational Morphology, and Perceived Productivity in English, 1300-1600 L&L 2009
Amy Rodgers The Sense of an Audience: Spectators and Spectatorship in Early Modern England L&L 2009
Benjamin Stroud Landscapes of Class: The Suburb in Postwar American Fiction L&L 2009
Chad Thomas Performing Queer: Early Modern Drama and Contemporary Theater L&L 2009
Emily Lutenski In the Land of Enchantment: Multiethnic Modernism and the American Southwest E&WS 2008
Olivera Jokic Genres of Evidence: Reading Facts from Archives, Historiography and Literature, 1770-1830 L&L 2008
Scott St. Pierre Abnormal Tongues: Style and Sexuality in Modern Literature and Culture L&L 2008
Jamie Olson Places of Writing: Rooted Cosmopolitanism in the Poetry of Seamus Heaney, Derek Walcott, and Joseph Brodsky L&L 2008
Elspeth Healey Writing Communities: Aesthetics, Politics, and Late Modernist Literary Consolidation L&L 2008
Gavin Hollis The Absence of America on the Early Modern Stage L&L 2008
David Ruderman Breathing Space: Infancy and Aesthetics in 19th - century British Poetry and Poetics L&L 2008
Laura Ambrose Plotting Movement: Representations of Local Travel in Early Modern England, 1600-1660 L&L 2008
Caroline Giordano Developing Character in the Nineteenth-Century Novel L&L 2008
Mary Catherine Harrison Sentimental Realism: Poverty and the Ethics of Empathy, 1832-1867 L&L 2008
Ji-Hyae Park Revisiting British Aestheticism: Critics, Audiences, and the Problem of Aesthetic Education L&L 2008
Mako Yoshikawa Riddles and Revelations: Forms of Incest Telling in 20th-Century America L&L 2008
Sheshalatha Reddy The Poetics of Nation and Empire: Imaging "India" in English L&L 2008