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English For Business Studies

Program Description

The English for Business Studies (EBS) program is a five-week intensive learning experience for students who have been accepted to Michigan’s Ross School of Business or another competitive MBA program beginning in the fall. EBS challenges participants with content designed to reflect current practices in top-ranked MBA programs. It also engages participants with demanding speaking and writing tasks designed to refine the language skills they need to succeed in a rigorous academic setting. Participants work individually and in teams on a variety of projects and receive personalized feedback on their progress. They also learn about the U.S. academic culture so that they are prepared to transition into their MBA program.

Classes meet approximately twenty hours per week, Monday through Friday. Attendance at all class sessions is mandatory, as is the completion of individual and team homework assignments. A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the program.

What You Will Experience

The program provides training in the skills you will need to succeed in the MBA program. Class activities and assignments are all grounded in the MBA experience and include:

  • Analysis of case studies following the MBA case studies approach, including live cases
  • A mini marketing course with a culminating project in which teams tackle a complex marketing challenge
  • Guest talks from industry leaders
  • Readings on current business-related issues which you will summarize and discuss
  • Practice writing compelling memos, emails, case analyses, résumés, and cover letters
  • Opportunities to develop discussion and presentation skills, and receive peer and instructor feedback

What You Will Accomplish

Participating in the EBS program will help you become more confident using English in academic and professional contexts. Specifically, you will:

  • Learn language and content typical in an MBA program
  • Develop strategies for interacting effectively with others from diverse backgrounds and working collaboratively in a team
  • Become more aware of your personal strengths and weaknesses, and how to leverage them for success
  • Improve your time-management skills
  • Learn to adjust your language for different audiences, situations, and purposes
  • Become familiar with U.S. business school culture, including its growing emphasis on social impact
  • Make friends and begin to build social and professional networks

Program Structure

EBS is an intensive five-week language and culture program. It includes the following course components:

  • Oral Communication for Business Professionals
  • Business Writing
  • English for Marketing
  • Case Studies
  • Team Building Skills

IMPORTANT NOTE ON ATTENDANCE: Attendance at all class sessions, active participation in all classroom activities, and the completion of homework assignments is mandatory for all students. Late arrivals and early departures from the program are not permitted. Any exceptions must be approved IN ADVANCE by the ELI Director and the appropriate U-M Admissions office.

Who Provides the Instruction

The EBS faculty includes members of the English Language Institute’s distinguished faculty – language teaching professionals with experience in the business world and teaching abroad – and academic business experts from U-M’s Ross School of Business and other distinguished programs.

Language and Culture Beyond the Classroom

The EBS program is committed to extending participants’ use of English outside of regular class activities. In addition to course-related assignments, co-curricular activities include:

  • A team task addressing a local or global issue, sponsored by the Ross Business School’s Center for Social Impact
  • U-M Challenge Program: A day of experiential team-building activities
  • Site visits to local businesses
  • Social and networking opportunities
  • An introduction to the resources at Michigan’s Ross School of Business

Prepare for Your MBA Program

The best way to prepare yourself for the demands of your MBA is to attend the English Language Institute’s English for Business Studies (EBS) program. It is a rigorous, intellectually-challenging experience which provides training and practice not only in language and communication in the business school context, but also in the analytical and interactional skills needed to participate confidently in classes and in your professional life. Group projects and team-building exercises help you expand your professional network and refine your personal short- and long-term goals in order to make the most of your MBA program and succeed in today’s global business environment.