Information for Students

You have probably already been notified that the Rackham Graduate School is no longer requiring the Academic English Evaluation (AEE) effective August 2011. If you already registered on-line to take the AEE in August or September, you do not need to do anything; we will automatically cancel your registration.

However, we strongly encourage you to learn about the courses and other resources available at the English Language Institute (ELI). ELI classes can help you to build your capability and confidence in spoken and written English, which are especially important for your successful academic and personal transition to graduate study. Once you arrive on campus, ELI advisors will be available to meet with you individually to discuss which courses might be best for you.

ELI offers a wide range of courses aimed at improving language and communication skills for participating in scholarly activities throughout your academic career at UM. By looking at your own individual TOEFL scores, ELI advisors will help you choose the most appropriate ELI courses. A brief summary of ELI courses and services can be found here.

Faculty in your graduate program may recommend or require that you meet an ELI advisor and/or take ELI classes, if they believe that you would benefit from a language course. You may register for ELI classes through Wolverine Access. There is no “extra” fee for ELI classes; they are covered in your full time tuition.

ELI faculty advisors will be available every morning, 9 – 12, from August 25th – Sept. 2nd prior to the start of Fall classes to assist you in making your ELI course selections for the coming year. You may drop in during those times or contact ELI’s Academic Advisor, Theresa Rohlck at or call (734) 615-9632 to make an appointment. Additional information is available on the ELI website: The ELI is located on the third floor of West Hall on Central Campus.

Information for Departments

The Rackham Graduate School, in consultation with LSA, Engineering and the English Language Institute, will no longer require admitted international graduate students to take the Academic English Evaluation (AEE) when they arrive on campus. This is in effect for those entering Fall 2011. Students who have been notified of the AEE requirement in their admission letters are being contacted by Rackham. Based on TOEFL scores, some students will be encouraged to take specific academic writing or speaking courses offered by the English Language Institute (ELI) to support their studies in their graduate degree programs. The ELI courses are typically 1 – 3 credits, and will help students gain capability and confidence in English. A brief summary of ELI courses and services can be found here.

Please contact ELI’s Academic Advisor, Theresa Rohlck at or call (734) 615-9632 to arrange for ELI faculty to come to your new student orientation to introduce the resources ELI provides. ELI faculty will be available every morning, 9 – 12, from August 25th – Sept. 2nd for students to drop in for advising. You may also refer students directly to or the ELI website if they have questions or want to set up an appointment. A reminder - the ELI is currently located on the third floor of West Hall on Central Campus.

ELI Courses

University of Michigan – English Language Institute – English for Academic Purposes
We are providing this brief summary of ELI courses and services for your reference. Courses listed below are grouped by skill area and the target audience (Graduate or Undergraduate) is indicated. While language support may be most crucial during a new student’s first year at UM, ELI welcomes students at any point in their academic career.

Courses are credit-bearing, and there is no extra fee to take them – they are covered by a student’s full time tuition. Students can register for ELI courses via Wolverine Access. Check the online course schedule for the current semester courses – most are offered in both Fall and Winter.

Contact ELI’s Academic Advisor Theresa Rohlck at or 615-9632 for more information.

Academic Writing

120 Academic Writing for Undergraduates

3 credits – Undergraduates only
Summary, critique, and argumentative writing

300 Writing and Grammar

3 credits – Graduate students
Grammatical accuracy in the production of
academic texts

320 Academic Writing I

1 credit – Graduate students
Extended definition, data commentary, and
problem-solution writing

321 Academic Writing II

1 credit – Graduate students
Source-based writing including summary, critique,
synthesis and introduction to research paper writing

420 Research Paper Writing

2 credits – Graduate students, especially MA level
Research paper writing

620/621 – Dissertation Writing and Writing for

2 credits – PhD level students
Research writing for doctoral students, including
abstracts, literature reviews, and other
academic genres

Academic Speaking & Pronunciation

330 Language and Communication

1 credit – Graduate and Undergraduate students
Communication skills for interacting with
native speakers

334 Academic Speaking

3 credits – Graduate students
Strategies for making oral presentations

434 Discussion and Oral Argumentation

1 credit – Graduate students
Advanced communication in small group
and seminar settings

336/337 Pronunciation I and II

1 credit – Graduate and Undergraduate students
Fundamentals of spoken English; vowels,
consonants, stress, rhythm, and intonation

338 Pronunciation in Context

1 credit – Graduate and Undergraduate students
Speaking and presentation skills focusing on
stress, rhythm and intonation.

Academic Grammar

312 Spoken and Written Grammar

1 credit – Graduate and Undergraduate students
Accuracy and appropriate discourse in oral
and written work

Academic Listening

332 Lecture Comprehension

1 credit – Graduate and Undergraduate students
Listening and note-taking strategies for lectures

333 Interactive Listening

1 credit – Graduate and Undergraduate students
Listening and speaking strategies in
one-on-one and small group interactions

Academic Vocabulary

372 Academic Vocabulary and Word Patterns

3 credits – Graduate and Undergraduate students
Using computer based resources to build
vocabulary from academic texts

Discipline-Specific Courses

530 Academic Speaking and Writing for Architecture and Urban Planning

2 credits – Graduate students
Summary and response, reading and discussion,
presentations in the design studio context

GSI Courses (for prospective GSIs only)

380 Introduction to GSI Work 3 credits

Advanced oral skills in the context of classroom,
lab and office hours

381 GSI Communication Skills 1 credit

Communication skills involving individualized
plans for successful performance in the
classroom, lab and office hours

584 GSI Seminar and Practicum 1 credit

Individualized support for GSIs in their
first term teaching

994 College Teaching at the University of

Michigan: Language, Culture and Pedagogy
2 credits
3 week August or winter semester course
for potential GSIs in LSA

Individualized Support Services (by appointment, scheduled on-line)

Writing Clinic for Graduate Students

Writing Clinic for Undergraduate Students

Speaking Clinic for Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Speaking and Writing Clinic for Architecture + Urban Planning Graduates and Undergraduates: Contact