Join us in-person in 1014 Tisch Hall or via Zoom as we explore this year's theme, "Recovery" (link for the full theme description). Check individual event entries for information about registration and format, which will be updated approximately two weeks in advance. Alternatively, contact to subscribe to the institute's e-newsletter and receive this information as soon as it is available.

Fall 2021

September 23, 4 pm  • Symposium
Health, the Body Politic, and the Language of Recovery
Henry M. Cowles, Yi-Li Wu, M. Remi Yergeau, Rachel Rafael Neis (moderator)

September 30, 4 pm • Lecture
Beyond the Asylum: Mapping Circuits of Recovery and Relapse in Colonial Vietnam
Claire E. Edington (University of California, San Diego)

October 1, 12 pm • Workshop
Historicizing Health: Wellness, Illness, and Recovery Across Time and Space
Grace Argo, Alex Burnett, Erin Johnson, Emily Lamond, Hannah Roussel, Stephie Yoon, Melanie S. Tanielian (moderator)

October 14, 4 pm • Lecture
El Paso Mourning, El Paso in Recovery: Historical Lessons for Understanding Life and Loss in 2020
Monica Muñoz Martinez (University of Texas at Austin)

October 15, 12 pm • Workshop
Violence, Witnessing, and Recovering the Archives
Haley E. Bowen, Allie Goodman, Tori Herzig-Deribin, Keanu Heydari, Deirdre de la Cruz (moderator)

November 4, 4 pm • Lecture
Women in Post-311 Disaster Japan and the Politics of Recovery
David H. Slater (Sophia University)

November 5, 12 pm • Workshop
Crisis, Community, and Recovery: Past and Present
Richard A. Bachmann, Bryan Goh, Mix Mann, ToniAnn Treviño, Hitomi Tonomura (moderator)

December 2, 4 pm • Lecture
Recovery and Epistemicide: Ancient Mediterranean Limit Cases
Dan-el Padilla Peralta (Princeton University)

December 3, 12 pm • Workshop
Burn It Down!: The Un/Making of Knowledge and Power
Megan Behrend, Robert Diaz, Dora Gao, W. Forrest Holden, Ian S. Moyer (moderator)

Winter 2022

January 27, 4 pm • Lecture
The Philadelphia Police and the Long History of the 1985 Bombing of MOVE: Writing the Past in the Vortex of Present
Heather Ann Thompson (University of Michigan)

January 28, 12 pm • Symposium
Radical Futures Through Indigenous Political Thought
Rebecca D. Hardin, Ana María León, David Myer Temin, Kyle Whyte, Mrinalini Sinha (moderator)

February 24, 4 pm •  Lecture
Writing the Past-Perfect: Memoir and the Making of a Meaningful Past
Jason R. Young (University of Michigan)

February 25, 12 pm • Symposium
Humanities-in-Recovery: The Case for Engaged Scholarship
Peter Blackmer, Amal Hassan Fadlalla, Ricky Punzalan, Anna Bonnell Freidin (moderator)

March 10, 4 pm • Lecture
“All the Devils this Side of Hades”: Minnie Geddings Cox and Black Finance in the 1920s
Shennette Garrett-Scott (Texas A&M University)

March 11, 12 pm • Workshop
Institutional Access and Autonomy
John Finkelberg, Luis Flores Jr., Reuben Riggs-Bookman, Eshe Sherley, Matt Carlos Stehney, Rita Chin (moderator)

March 24, 4 pm • Lecture
“The Things to Come”: Francisco Solano Faces Irremediable Humanity
Kenneth Mills (University of Michigan)

March 25, 12 pm • Symposium
Whither Critical Disaster Studies?
Matthew Ghazarian, Douglas T. Northrup, Susan Scott Parrish, Dean Yang, Melanie S. Tanielian (moderator)

April 14, 4 pm • Lecture
Little Ice Age and the Oyo Empire: An Unfinished Process of Recovery in West Africa, ca. 1420-1840
Akinwumi Ogundiran (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)
Presented with support from the African Studies Center

April 15, 12 pm • Workshop
Landscape, Indigenous Knowledge, and Power
Deepthi Bathala, Anne Marie Creighton, Xiaoyue Li, Jonathan Quint, Gregory E. Dowd (moderator)