The Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies will present six lectures and seven workshops in the Fall 2013 term. All events take place in 1014 Tisch Hall; programs are free and open to the public.

September 12 (4 PM)
Paolo Squatriti, Professor, History and Italian, University of Michigan
Lecture: "Exotic Plants, Biological Invasions, and the Medieval Mediterranean as Historical Materials"

September 13 (12 PM)
"Workshop: Navigating the Matrix: Diversity and the Transition from Graduate School to Life in the Academy"

September 26 (4 PM)
Adeline Masquelier, Professor and Chair, Anthropology, Tulane University
Lecture: "Possession: Stories of Spirits, Loss, and Appropriation in Nigerien Schools"

September 27 (12 PM)
Graduate Student Workshop

October 10 (4 PM)
Walter Johnson, Winthrop Professor of History and Professor of African and African American Studies, Harvard University
Seminar: "On Agency and Material Life"
Commentators: Tiya Miles (Afroamerican and African Studies, American Culture, History, Women's Studies) and Rebecca J. Scott (History, Law); Chair: Jay Cook (History, American Studies)

October 11 (12 PM)
Graduate Student Seminar

October 24 (4 PM)
Valerie L. Garver, Associate Professor, History, Northern Illinois University
Lecture: "The Power of Cloth: The Roles of Clothing and Textiles at the Court of a Carolingian Ruler"

October 25 (12 PM)
Graduate Student Workshop

October 29 (5 PM)
Undergraduate Workshop: "History: What Are You Going to Do with That? (Take 2)"

November 7 (4 PM)
Deirdre de la Cruz, Assistant Professor and Asian Languages and Cultures, History, University of Michigan
Lecture: "The Rose Petals of Lipa"

November 8 (12 PM)
Graduate Fellows' Forum

November 21 (4 PM)
Karen R. Merrill, Frederick Rudolph ’42 – Class of 1965 Professor of American Culture, Williams College
Lecture: "Real and Ineffable Properties: Resource Politics and the Modern American West"

November 22 (12 PM)
Graduate Student Workshop

The Institute's Winter 2014 calendar will be announced in coming weeks.