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Jacob Allgeier
Assistant Professor
3032 Biological Science Building
1105 N. University Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Marcus Ammerlaan
Hiroshi Ikuma Collegiate Lecturer
4138H Undergraduate Science Building 734.764.4431
Catherine Badgley
Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies
3134 Biological Sciences Building 734.763.6448
Regina Baucom
Assistant Professor
4034 Biological Sciences Building 734.647.8490
Thore Bergman
Associate Professor
4054 East Hall 734.615.3744
Joel D. Blum
1100 N University Ave, Rm 2534 734.615.3242
Lynn Carpenter
Lecturer / Advisor
2013 Kraus Natural Science Building 734.936.2828
Steven Clark
Professor; Director, Program in Biology
5232 Biological Sciences Building 734.647.4151
Liliana Cortés Ortiz
Research Associate Professor
2060 Biological Sciences Building 734.615.9950
Ben Dantzer
Assistant Professor
1004 East Hall 734.615.2352
Alison Davis Rabosky
Assistant Professor; Assistant Curator, Museum of Zoology
2064 Biological Sciences Building 734.763.8694
Vincent Denef
Assistant Professor
4060 Biological Sciences Building 734.764.6481, Lab Phone: 734.936.5777
Robert Denver
2256 Biological Sciences Building 734.936.6625, Lab Phone: 734.647.2604
Christopher Dick
Professor; Curator and Associate Chair for Museum Collections, U-M Herbarium and U-M Museum of Zoology
2068 Biological Sciences Building 734.764.9408, Lab Phone: 734.936.4723
Gregory Dick
Associate Professor
1100 N University Ave, Rm 2534 734.763.3228
Shane DuBay
Assistant Professor
Michigan Fellow
5060 Biological Sciences Building
Thomas Duda
Associate Professor
2034 Biological Sciences Building 734.764.2358
Meghan Duffy
3034 Biological Sciences Building 734.763.3658
Melissa Beth Duhaime
Assistant Professor
4068 Biological Sciences Building 734.764.6219
Laura Eidietis
Lecturer IV
4138F Undergraduate Science Building 734.763.4286
Daniel Fisher
Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences; Claude W. Hibbard Collegiate Professor of Paleontology; Curator and Director, Museum of Paleontology;
3132 Biological Sciences Building 734.764.0488
Deborah Goldberg
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
Margaret B. Davis Distinguished University Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
3038 Biological Sciences Building 734.763.1732
Nyeema Harris
Assistant Professor
3138 Biological Sciences Building 734.647.3765
Mark Hunter
Earl E. Werner Distinguished University Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
3010 Biological Sciences Building 734.647.3691
Inés Ibáñez
Associate Professor
2546 Dana Building 734.615.8817, Lab Phone: 734.764.2550
Timothy James
Associate Professor; Associate Curator of Fungi; Lewis E. Wehmeyer and Elaine Prince Wehmeyer Professor in the Taxonomy of Fungi; Director, Frontiers Master's Program
4038 Biological Sciences Building 734.615.7753, Lab Phone: 734.763.8161
Aaron King
3068 Biological Sciences Building 7349367861
George Kling
Robert G. Wetzel Collegiate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
3018 Biological Sciences Building 734.647.0894 Lab Phone: 734.647.0898 and 734.615.3747
L. Lacey Knowles
Robert B. Payne Collegiate Professor
Curator, Museum of Zoology
2010 Biological Sciences Building 734.763.5603, Lab Phone: 734.763.7943
Alex Kondrashov
Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
4064 Biological Sciences Building 734.615.0493
Jo Kurdziel
Beverly Rathcke Collegiate Lecturer
3106 Undergraduate Sciences Building 734.763.3684
Adam Lauring
Assistant Professor
5510B MSRB I, SPC 5680 734.764.7731
John Lehman
4232 Biological Sciences Building
734.763.4680, Lab Phone: 734.615.3758
Hernán López-Fernández
Associate Professor
Associate Curator, Museum of Zoology
2014 Biological Sciences Building 734.764.4816
Andrew Marshall
Department of Anthropology
Office 204B West Hall
Lab 420 West Hall
Knute Nadelhoffer
Professor; Director of the Biological Station
3014 Biological Sciences Building 734.763.4461
Barry OConnor
Professor and Curator
1014 Research Museums Center
3600 Varsity Drive
Ann Arbor MI 48108-2228
Diarmaid Ó Foighil
Professor; Curator, Museum of Zoology; Chair of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
2244 Biological Sciences Building 734.647.2193, Lab Phone: 734.764.6914
Annette Ostling
Associate Professor
Associate Director, MICDE
3042 Biological Sciences Building 734.936.2898, Lab Phone: 734.615.4194
Yin-Long Qiu
Associate Professor; Associate Curator, U-M Herbarium
2042 Biological Sciences Building 734.764.8279
Daniel Rabosky
Associate Professor; Associate Curator, Museum of Zoology
2032 Biological Sciences Building 510.610.9082
Shai Revzen
Assistant Professor
4225 Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building 734.763.3561
Tom Schmidt
1520C Medical Science Research Building I 734.763.8206
Stephen A. Smith
Associate Professor
3060 Biological Sciences Building 734.764.7923
Elizabeth Tibbetts
Associate Chair for Research and Facilities
3168 Biological Sciences Building 734.763.3564
Priscilla Tucker
Professor and Curator, UMMZ
2038 Biological Sciences Building 734.647.2207, Lab Phone: 734.763.4546
María Natalia Umaña
Assistant Professor
3142 Biological Sciences Building
Fernanda Valdovinos
Assistant Professor
3064 Biological Sciences Building 734.615.9080
John Vandermeer
Asa Gray Distinguished University Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
3160 Biological Sciences Building 734.764.1446 Lab: 734.615.3768
Mark Wilson
Professor of Epidemiology
5507 School of Public Health II 734.936.0152
Ben Winger
Assistant Professor; Assistant Curator, Museum of Zoology
2018 Biological Sciences Building
Patricia Wittkopp
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
Sally L. Allen Collegiate Professor
Associate Chair for Graduate Studies
4010 Biological Sciences Building 734.763.1548
Donald Zak
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
Burton V. Barnes Collegiate Professor
2540 Dana Building 734.763.4991
Jianzhi Zhang
Marshall W. Nirenberg Collegiate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
4018 Biological Sciences Building