Having resided in Ypsilanti for a decade, his journey from the sunny landscapes of Arizona to the halls of academia in Michigan has been marked by a love for the arts and sciences alike—holding degrees in both Biology and Theatre.

A committed advocate for science and education, Justin also nurtures a vibrant life outside the university. He's a dedicated dog owner, with his canine companions Renly and Arya featuring prominently in his life. A trivia buff, Justin enjoys engaging in weekly contests, reflecting his competitive spirit and fondness for mental challenges. His enjoyment of strategy and play extends into tabletop gaming, where he carves out further space for recreation and camaraderie.

Justin's personal and professional worlds converge through his partnership with Ryan, a faculty member overseeing the first-year French program in Romance Languages & Literatures. Their shared interest in travel reflects the global and cultural interests that enrich their contributions to the university community.

In his new administrative capacity, Justin is focused on enhancing the graduate experience within EEB. “As the Senior Graduate Coordinator for EEB, I plan to explore ways to improve how our graduate community receives important and relevant information -- whether it be making existing policies more transparent, streamlining procedures that are often accompanied by questions, and revamping the orientation process for incoming (and existing) students,” said Hopper. “I've already started to notice areas where we can reduce stress for our students and make things easier for all parties involved. Additionally, it remains important to me to create and foster community among all members of our department, and I will continue to support EEB's DEI efforts to make the department a space of belonging for all.” 

With a clear vision for progress and a heart for inclusivity, Justin is poised to make an impact on the EEB graduate program, championing advancements that promise to benefit students, faculty, and the broader department community.