The University of Michigan Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department has officially launched its new online merchandise store.

The debut slate of products features EEB’s logo in the signature color palette of Michigan Maize and Blue that are pillars of the brand.

“We're all incredibly proud of the work we do in the classroom, in the field, in our labs, and elsewhere. So feel free to celebrate your connection to EEB by wearing some EEB-branded merchandise and help spread our message of impactful research and teaching, from the halls of the Biological Sciences Building to wherever else you might go in the world," said Nate Sanders, chair and  professor in the U-M Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. 

Merchandise includes rain jackets, t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, hats, beanies, 1/4-zip sweatshirts, sweater fleece jackets, crewneck sweaters, vests and a sling bag.

The online-only store is set up through Ann Arbor T-shirt Company, which handles sales, production, payment and shipping. Free pick-up also is available in Ann Arbor.

The EEB team prioritized eco-friendly materials in design selections. The company only produces items for which they receive an order, avoiding waste from overproduction.

This is an exciting time in EEB's rich history, and we appreciate the continued support from alumni, researchers, students, their families, donors and neighbors as well as our incredible staff. It takes a united effort to spread the word across Michigan and the world about our research and experiential learning opportunities and strengthen our future impact.